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The company services of air travelers and Jahangardi sent a Iranian biography, the events of Khudr Dar Sal 1389 Aghaz and Dar Zaminah, this is a frothy palette with the highest points of keshour, outside frit floor tiles, taking a visa, razarwasion, a hayal, an external and a foreign, My exit and paradise Salamat), in which I photographed individually and proudly of him outside Iran (Iraq, Kurdistan, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Aruba).

I participated in the mission of Iran, seeking a visit to the country, inside and outside, inside, outside, Iran, and Iran, and Iran, and I will increase, and where I can see the opinion of them, it will be good for them. It contains Khud Bevazind experiences.

Namaayandi Forosh College of Iran internally (Mahan, Iran Air, Asman, Kish Air, Qeshm Air, Maraj, Kaspin, Ata and …), Namayandhi Faraji Raja, CIP services, Dr Farudagh Mehrabad, in front of Khamenei Hashidi Mashhad, Paranti Hotel, and one of them, they established the month of Isfahan and Mashhad, the place of issuing Shenzhen, the services of کikā, the issuance of different types of sleep, this is my travel.

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